This standard gives a model about energy management system with how to use guidelines in order to help organization to plan and manage energy-use systematically. It was designed to focus on energy efficiency improvement, contribute to enhancing energy efficiency and help to use energy wisely.

Benefit of applying ISO 50001:2011 Standard

This standard was developed to orient organization to apply in order to achieve these targets and benefits as below:

– Upgrade management & operation activities to decrease input cost for energy;

– Encourage using effectively and conservational energy sources based on the existing resources;

– Promote improvement ideas related to energy consumption and usage;

– Towards the efficient use of energy consumption equipments;

– Help to evaluate and give priority to apply new technologies and devices which have energy-saving functions;

– Comparing, measuring and reporting energy saving report;

– Creating favorable environment to transmit information on energy sources management

– Contribute to disseminate and replicate energy-saving operation practices in community;

– Forming promotion model to increase energy efficiency through supply chain;

– Reduce environmental impact via decreasing carbon emission and other greenhouse gases;

– Ability to be highly compatible with other management system such as ISO 14001, ISO 9000

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